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🗓️ May 23rd 2024, 8:00 PM


Deepak Poddar

Chairman, Balaji Credits & 
India's Leading MSME Finance Coach

As a MSME, Are You Facing Challenges Like The Ones Below? 😣

"I am unable to raise funds due to lack of financial statements and collateral security."

"I don't know why my business's growth has become stagnant and why the turnover is still low."

"I am losing cash discounts because I'm buying raw material on credit from suppliers."

"I am unable to repay multiple installments/EMIs of wrongly borrowed loans."

If Any of The Above Sounds Like You, Then You’re Invited To Join
The MBBS (MSME Business Borrowing Strategy) Workshop!"

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Here Comes The Exciting Part, you'll learn:

Discover how you can get 'interest-free loans' and scale your business like never before!

Learn the secrets to get Installment-Free loans and Protect Your Cashflow like a Professional.

Learn how strategic MSME loans can unlock government subsidies up to 200% for you — a financial breakthrough awaits!

Know the secrets to saving lakhs with MSME loans – the financial strategy every small manufacturer needs!

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You end up in these circumstances

You take multiple loans from multiple banks to fulfill your financial requirement.

You take loans repayable in EMIs which in turn not only impacts cash flows but also leverages your Balance sheet.

You take loans where you end up paying more interest on unutilised amounts.

You accept taking loans against property or unsecured business loans for Plant & Machinery and lose Government subsidies.







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Here’s How You Can Transform Your Life in Long Term


1. Constant worry and restlessness, difficulty in focusing and sleeping.

2. Persistent feelings of sadness, loss of interest in activities, and low energy.

3. Feeling a sense of fear and avoidance of specific situations or objects.

4. Pervasive negative thoughts, self-doubt, and a pessimistic outlook.

5. Being haunted by past negative experiences and struggling to move forward.

6. Feeling overwhelmed, constant worry, and difficulty in managing daily responsibilities.

7. Chronic delay in starting or completing tasks, leading to increased stress and frustration.

8. Feeling unmotivated, lacking enthusiasm, and struggling to find purpose.

9. Intrusive thoughts, compulsive behaviours, and excessive worries affecting daily life.

10. Dependence on Alchohol, Cigarettes or addictions leading to negative consequences and loss of control.


1. Increased sense of calmness and inner peace, improved focus, and restful sleep.

2. Improved emotional well-being, increased enjoyment of activities, and boosted energy levels.

3. Overcoming fears and phobias, living fearlessly, and embracing new experiences.

4. Positive and empowering thoughts, increased self-confidence, and an optimistic mindset.

5. Letting go of bad memories, feeling liberated, and focusing on the present with a positive mindset.

6. Effective stress management, a more balanced lifestyle, and improved overall well-being.

7. Overcoming procrastination, increased productivity, and a sense of accomplishment.

8. Rediscovering motivation, finding a renewed sense of purpose, and experiencing greater drive and enthusiasm.

9. Reduced severity of OCD symptoms, improved management of intrusive thoughts, and decreased compulsive behaviours.

10. Overcoming addictions, regaining self-control, and experiencing a healthier and more fulfilling lifestyle.

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Meet Your Finance Expert... 👋

Deepak Poddar
Chairman, Balaji Credits & India's Leading MSME Finance Coach

Hi, I am Deepak Poddar, and I help small businesses raise funds as per their required investments in a strategic manner.

I started my career as a financial consultant in 2004, but suffered a huge blow in 2008 when India went through a huge recession that caused most of the financial institutions to temporarily stop financing.

Shortly after, I ventured dedicatedly into MSME financing where I achieved great success and was able to successfully help 1000s of small businesses across India. 

During the COVID-19 pandemic, I ventured into Supply Chain financing activities which helped me learn about the secret strategies used by corporate companies that small businesses always fail at, and now I am a full-time consultant who helps small businesses make the right financial decisions.

My Social Media Presence :


Got Questions? 💭
Find Answers Below!

Can I get machinery loan if my company is new ?

Yes you can get it provided you have your own margin contribution and you are eligible with other parameters such as Capital, Justified projections etc.

Will I get a loan for orders in hands or purchase orders if my company is new ?

Yes, depending on the order value and the worthiness of the company issuing orders, you can loan for fresh orders irrespective of vintage.

Am I eligible for government sponsored schemes ?

Yes, If you are an MSME involved in any sector like manufacturing, trading or services.

How Much Working Capital Can I Get Against Property Value If I Have One?

No Property Is Required To Get Loans Under CGTMSE Scheme, However If You Wish Save CGTMSE Fees And Do Have A Property, You Can Get Working Capital As Per Your Eligibility Irrespective Of Property Value.

Can I get a loan to purchase land for factory premises ?

No, you cannot except you can get loan to construct the factory or shed 

What is Bank Guarantee and Letter of Credit, and how can I use it in my Manufacturing business?

Both are non fund based credit limits and can be used either on the purchase side to extend the number of days of credit or on the sales side. Bank Guarantee can be used for retention money, security deposit or for mobilization advance and letter of credit can be used for purchases either domestic or imported.

Can I get a loan for imported machinery?

Yes, you can use debt instruments such as Term Loan or Letter of Credit for Imported Machineries

Even if I have collateral and I don't want to pledge it, am I eligible for MSME loans under government schemes?

As an MSME you are eligible for any MSME loans, just if you have a collateral security and you pledge it, the amount of loan can be increased and even the lenders become more confident

Does the CGTMSE loan under the government sponsored scheme really exist?

Yes, it does exist and multiple MSME’s across India are able to get loan under such schemes

For what purposes can I get a loan if I want to start a Manufacturing business of my own?

You can get a loan for all the purposes of Shed construction, Plant & Machinery, Furniture Fixture, Working Capital, etc…

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